Frequently Asked Questions


To assist in better understanding the building process, below is a general construction sequence of events:


  1. Demolition (If Required)
  2. Site preparation
  3. Foundation
  4. Framing
  5. Roof
  6. Windows
  7. Rough ins
  8. Insulation
  9. Drywall
  10. Tiling
  11. Flooring
  12. Cabinetry
  13. Moulding and Millwork
  14. Painting
  15. Carpet and hardwood finishing
  16. Fixtures
  17. Appliances
  18. Driveway
  19. Landscaping

The timeframe between the building permit being issued to when the occupancy permit is granted varies due to several factors including size of house, site conditions, and weather restrictions.

Client billing is structured by a standard draw schedule determined by leading Canadian Banking Institutions to make progress payments as work is completed by the builder. Below are the percentages used for a standard draw schedule:

  • 10% – Due upon signing of the building contract (May be higher depending on Land Ownership by Client)
  • 25% – Demo, foundation, backfill complete including lock-up (roof, exterior doors and windows installed)
  • 30% – Mechanical, plumbing, electrical complete
  • 10% – Insulation, drywall, painting complete
  • 15% – Occupancy permit granted from City Hall
  • 10% – 55-day for lien holdback

In British Columbia, a holdback amount totaling 10% of the total contract amount owed to the builder is held for a period of 55 days from date of Occupancy in a banking trust account. A successful lien check against the property must be completed in order for the funds to be released.