The Story Of Celtic Construction

Every company has a story to tell and Celtic Construction is no exception. What began as a side job on weekends, Celtic Construction is now a full service general contractor serving customers all over the region.

Company History


Carl Chandler, owner and president of C. Chandler Contracting, started his building career as an apprentice carpenter in 1987 in his former home of Nova Scotia. Carl and his wife, Rachel, moved to Alberta in the early 1990s before settling in Dawson Creek, BC, where they happily raised their three boys, Ashton, Nathan, and Kaden.

Carl established the Celtic Construction business in 1994 and has been building in Northern BC and Alberta ever since. In 2010, Celtic Construction expanded into commercial buildings, and more recently, into real-estate development. Today, Celtic provides clients with purposeful, functional, and beautiful spaces, from turn-key homes to custom workshops and full-scale mills.

Carl and his team thrive on building a superior product and enjoy working closely with clients to bring their vision to life, from the original blueprint drawings to the final product.


The results

Our Projects

The Celtic team has completed over two hundred custom and spec home projects, several major renovation projects, as well as several commercial projects, including:

Celtic Chetwynd Office

Northern Mat & Bridge

NLC Admin Reno

NLC Solar

Trimac Transportation

Pacquette Shop

Celtic Dawson Office

At Celtic Construction, we take pride in our reputation for superior quality in everything we do. We have a fleet of trucks, qualified full-time tradesmen, and a team of experienced project managers. This large-scale workforce allows us to complete every project with minimal need for subcontractors. Additionally, we have total control over the quality and schedule of our projects, resulting in better outcomes for clients.

We are always eager to take on new and complex projects. If you’d like to learn more about Celtic Construction and our services, please reach out to us directly.

Meet The Team

Our Team




As the founder and owner of Celtic Construction, Carl is responsible for all aspects of the company’s wellbeing, performance and growth. Carl has been a carpenter at some capacity his entire life and decided to turn his passion into a business in Dawson Creek at a young age.  Has a sixth sense for knowing where the economy is shifting and is not afraid to pivot and adapt. He is a hard worker that knows how to get any job done within budget and schedule



Construction Supervisor

Kevin started his carpentry career constructing homes with his brother Carl, owner of Celtic Construction, in 1990.  His career with Celtic Construction has exposed him to multiple facets of construction.  He has executed many different roles from shoveling dirt to estimating within the organization as necessary.

He has decades of experience with commercial, industrial, and residential construction jobs.  He possesses a calm, meticulous demeanor with strong attention to detail.  His qualities example great leadership for the team and every job is done with excellence.  Kevin’s passionate about ensuring schedule and budget are achieved.



Operations & Projects Manager

Travis has been working in the electrical/construction industry for 16 years. Most of his experience has been in a supervisor/management role of some type. He started out with Celtic Construction 8 years ago building a successful electrical division and quickly moved up to his current Operations Manager role.



Civil Manager

John has been operating machinery and working in dirt for 21 years. He has been with the Celtic team since 2011. He has taken Celtic’s ability to complete our own civil work, to now becoming a competitive division within Celtic and is now completing extraordinary civil projects throughout the Peace Region and Alberta



Construction Manager

Rob has been a carpenter for more than 35 years, and a member of the Celtic team since 2013. Starting off as a contractor for Celtic in 2011, Rob loved working with us so much he moved to Dawson Creek to join the team full time. Today he is one of Celtic’s trusted supervisors.



Project Manager

Nathan has been in Construction for 15 years. During his career, he has had the unique experience of seeing projects develop at every level – through the eyes of the construction workers, site supervisors, project managers, contract administrators, and stakeholders. This has given him a balanced view and deep understanding of project management principles, leadership, and decision-making with a focus on the Residential/commercial construction, oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy sectors. With several years in elected leadership positions, he has brought his inter-governmental experience within operations such as housing, infrastructure, education, and training



Operations Manager, Grande Prairie Division

Leon has been involved in Construction Management for the past 15 years in Grande Prairie, AB. In November 2020, he moved to assume the position of Operations Manager for Celtic Construction’s Grande Prairie office. Most of his experience has been in Operational Management and direct Project Management. He takes great pride in taking a project from start to finish, working closely with the clients, consultants, and local sub-contractors to finish projects on schedule and budget.