Assurances Of Celtic Construction

Celtic Construction uses a tried and tested approach to managing resources that centers around communication.

Celtic Construction


The team at Celtic Construction has years of experience working together. We have developed strong working relationships built on trust, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our operations manager leads our team, creating a single point of contact for fluid transfers of information between our team and our clients. We use a combination of in-person meetings, virtual meetings, telephone, and email to keep communication flowing between all teams and individuals involved in a project. 


Why Choose Celtic Construction

Most of our work is for repeat clients who are extremely satisfied with our services and approach. We asked our long-time clients what they appreciated most, and this is what they told us:


Our Availability:

Being located a short distance away and able to attend meetings in person as required at short notice.


Our Experience:

Working in this community, our familiarity with local trades, our portfolio of municipal buildings.


Our Project Team:

A group of dedicated consultants and team members who have worked together before and who are experienced in providing buildings in this region. 

Celtic Construction is a Member of: 



Commercial Warranties

Celtic Construction stands by the quality of our work; all our commercial projects come with a one-year warranty. Upon project completion, you will receive a turnover binder with instructions on all systems and equipment, plus all other necessary information. If any aspect of the build needs attention, reach out to us and we will send an employee over for an assessment. Our team is fully dedicated to helping clients before, during, and after a project. 

Service & Maintenance

Most of our commercial customers also choose us for their ongoing service work and regular maintenance. We feel this is an excellent example of the quality of craftsmanship and customer service you can expect from Celtic Construction. Additionally, this helps us ensure that our clients can maintain the look and functionality of their buildings long after the project has been completed. 

Residential Warranties

Our residential homes receive a standard 2-5-10 warranty, with material and labour covered for two years, the building envelope covered for five years, and ten-year coverage on structural defects.

If you have any questions regarding warranty coverage for any of Celtic Construction’s services, please get in touch with us.